Vision & Mission

 Strengthening diaspora Kenyans to stay strong


Our vision

❖ Uniting Kenyans in the diaspora
❖ Speaking with one voice
❖ To represent Kenyans views in UK
❖  focus on only regional leadership

❖ To unite and empower Kenyans in UK for better prosperity and smooth integration within the local UK community by Chair Mzee Mwamburi


Our mission

❖ To build a strong diaspora Kenyans, who are strong united
❖ To have an organization to pass on to the others sub organizations
❖  To strengthen chairpersons position within their respective groups.
❖  To build and strengthen diaspora Kenyans to stay strong & united
❖  To try and hold events together

❖  To effectively network with other Kenyan Community Chairpersons in, Commerce, Education, Culture, traditions, well being of the vulnerable, policies issued by UK and Kenya governments while upholding our values and rule of law. By chair person Mzee Mwananchi


Our objectives

❖ To advocate for our members within UK & Our Kenyan embassy

❖ To try & bridge the gap between the members & Kenyan embassy

❖ To facilitate workshops together that can benefit our community.

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