1, Chairs who join KCCC will commit to sharing the vision & mission of KCCC with their members’ and endeavor to live up to its aspiration. New Chairs will be familiarize with our vision & mission statement and handed a copy by the Secretary.
Leaders of Kenyan Community Groups who become members of KCCC will be persons of high integrity and unquestionable character. They should always adhere to these attributes.

a, Be honest, trustworthy, truthful, responsible & reliable.

b, Take responsibility for their own words and actions.

c, Always Uphold confidentiality.

d, avoid self-serving behavior and avoid conflict of interest with regards to any KCCC business transactions

e, Be transparent and accountable in all KCCC works & transactions

3, All leaders who join KCCC will commit to adhere and uphold the rules and regulations of the organization as agreed or amended.
6.KCCC is not an affiliate of any political or Church group hence Members shall always maintain respect and dignity for each other maintaining a policy of, no bullying, no fear mongering, or unnecessary disruptive arguments and no spreading of malice and falsehoods. Members who abusive will be suspended from the forum for a period to be determined by the Executive Committee
All Chairs of Kenya community welfare groups seeking membership of KCCC are required to seek the mandate and approval of their Executive leadership before accepting membership to KCCC. The KCCC Chair will verify this prior to admittance for membership.

5, All KCCC Chairs and members are to keep all information and documents of KCCC business in confidence and in line with new GDPR May 2018 regulations to avoid any breach that may lead to prosecution. Failure to adhere to this could lead to disciplinary action and dismissal from the forum. GDPR policy
All Chairs accepting Membership of KCCC will be required to fill an application form and provide details as required.

7, A Chair of KCCC who wishes to exit the organization will do so in writing to the Chairman via the KCCC organization email



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